• Tandem Skydive – UK Wide
  • 10,000ft – 15,000ft – 30 – 60 secs Free Fall
  • Ultimate Adrenaline Rush of Tandem Skydiving!
  • More Than 10 Locations

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Tandem Skydive

Tandem skydiving is the ultimate adrenaline gift experience for everyone, the ultimate thrill of free falling from thousands of feet above the ground at 120mph securely harnessed to your fully qualified instructor is absolutely breathtaking.

This tandem skydiving voucher makes the ideal gift for friends, family or a treat for yourself, and why not? The voucher entitles you to experience the sensation of skydiving at any of the UK’s airfields listed, you can choose by location or other factors such as the height of the jump.

You don’t have to choose your location right now, simply buy this voucher now and choose later as your voucher is valid for 10 months. Wherever you choose to take your tandem skydive, you’re guaranteed the ultimate passenger ride of your life!


The tandem skydive experience begins in the classroom where you will learn the safety protocol and technique. It’s then on to the practice mats where you’ll be shown where to place your arms, legs and head throughout the jump.

When you’re all set you’ll be harnessed to your instructor and climb aboard the plane. When you reach the  jump height you will sit in the doorway with your instructor then roll out from a height of  between 10,000ft and 15,000ft, you will be falling at a speed of 120mph before the instructor opens the canopy where you’ll begin a gentle glide taking in the magnificent surroundings back towards the landing zone. Once landed back at the base  you’ll be presented with a certificate and take home the memories of the most extreme passenger flight on earth!

Minimum Age: 16
Maximum Age: Over 40’s should present a Doctor’s Declaration of Fitness
Maximum Weight: 15 – 16.5 stone

If you weigh more than 15 stone you can still dive, however depending on the center you choose you may be liable to pay an upgrade charge as it can require a different set of equipment.

All skydivers are required to complete a declaration of  health – which must be witnessed. For under 18s, this witness must be a parent or guardian.

If you are disabled this does not mean you cannot skydive!

Tandem skydiving generally takes a whole day to complete.

What to Wear / Equipment
You should wear comfortable clothes for your tandem skydive as you will be wearing the safety equipment of the skydiving school. This will include a jump suit, goggles, cap and gloves.

Friends and family are welcome to watch your tandem skydive experience at most of the airfields, dont forget the camera! Most of the skydiving centres have canteens and various visitor facilities.

Skydives at any of the UK’s airfields is subject to the weather, however if the conditions are not likely to clear on the day, you can rearrange another date to take your skydive.

With this open skydiving voucher, you can choose your location and when you’d like to do it. So, whether you’re in Swindon or Suffolk, the Lake District or Lincoln – the choice of when or where to take your tandem skydive is entirely up to you!

  • Lincoln: 15,000ft
  • Devon: 15,000ft
  • Lake District: 14,500ft
  • Netheravon: 13,500ft
  • Cambridge: 13,500ft
  • Suffolk: 13,000ft
  • Nottingham: 13,000ft
  • Durham: 12,500ft
  • Gloucester: 12,000ft
  • Kent: 12,000ft
  • Cornwall: 10,500ft
  • Shropshire: 10,000ft
  • Swindon: 10,000ft