Static Line Parachute Jump (RAPS)

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If you have the nerve to go it alone then the two day Static line parachute jump course is the one for you.

Static Line or RAPS (Ram-Air Progression System) consists of a two day parachute course, the first day consist of ground training with the equipment and aircraft exit procedures together with parachute control and landing techniques.

On the second day you will jump solo from the aircraft at approximately 3500 feet. At all times you will have the guidance of your instructor by radio contact. Your parachute will be automatically deployed by the static line which is attached to the aircraft, this is a fantastic course with a true sense of personal achievement.

Restrictions for Static Line Skydiving

Minimum Age: 16 (16 & 17 year olds need written consent from parent or guardian)
Maximum Age: 50+ are generally not accepted for this jump
Maximum Weight: Varies at centres, generally – 12-15 stone

A reasonable degree of fitness is required for solo skydiving. All students must be within their recommended Body Mass Index (height in proportion to weight)

On the day of the jump ALL skydivers will be required to complete the British Parachute Association Student Parachutist Declaration of Fitness.

If you are over 40, or have a medical condition that may affect your ability to freefall or parachute safely, you will require a doctor’s certificate to be completed in advance.

What to Wear for static line parachute jump

All specialist equipment such as helmet, goggles and jumpsuit will be provided. If it’s a cold day wrap up warm but not too bulky as you will wear the jumpsuit over your clothes. On a warm day T shirt and trousers or shorts are ideal. Trainers are recommended, do not wear any open shoes or sandals.

Goggles fit comfortably over your glasses, and contact lenses are no problem. If you are disabled this does not mean you cannot skydive.


Spectators are welcome so bring along your friends, facilities such as refreshments & toilets will be available at the centre.


Skydiving is weather dependent, however the first day will go ahead as planned as it is classroom based. Please call the centre before you leave on the morning of your jump to check weather conditions are suitable.


The Static Line Parachute Jump is available throughout the year depending on the weather.

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