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The full AFF course is for those who want to take skydiving to the next level and become fully qualified.

This is a new fast track skydiving training program which takes you from being a complete beginner to a Category 8 qualified skydiver in as little as 8 tuition jumps with the necessary training. The AFF Course is based on eight levels and usually you will do one skydive for each level. Depending on the weather the whole course can be completed in five to seven days. You will learn a lot of both practical and theoretical skydiving techniques to pursue a lifetime of excitement in the sky, who knows maybe you will go on to be an instructor!

Full AFF Course Format

The course will start with a full day of tuition and learning, after this you will proceed through the following levels:

•    Level 1: Your first jump is with two instructors and is designed to teach you the basics; exits, stability, altitude awareness and control of the parachute canopy. Three practice ripcord pulls, altitude awareness and the actual pull, are all part of this jump. The instructors hold on to you throughout the freefall portion of this jump. Radio assistance is given under canopy during the descent and landing if necessary.

•    Level 2: As level 1 but with only 2 practice pulls and a turn to the left and right.
•    Level 3: Instructors ‘release’ you, allowing you to fly alone, but staying in close proximity to re-grip and provide assistance if necessary.

•    Level 4: Exiting with just one instructor holding on exit, 180 degree left turn and 180 right and forward movement.

•    Level 5: One instructor holds you on exit, 360 left turn, 360 right and forward movement.

•    Level 6: Dive exit with instructor following. Back loop, delta track, 180 turn and delta track.

•    Level 7: Dive exit instructor following. Back loop, delta track, 360 turn left, 360 right.

•    Level 8: Solo exit from 5,000 feet, followed by deployment of your canopy within a few seconds. This familiarizes you with a lower exit altitude and a faster pull. On completion of level 8 you graduate from AFF.

Following graduation you must make 10 further jumps, called consolidation jumps, under the guidance of an AFF instructor. These jumps allow you to practice what you have learnt on your own. On completion you are qualified as a category 8 skydiver and can join in with the regular skydivers and start to have some serious fun.


Minimum Age: 16 (16 & 17 year olds need written consent from parent or guardian)
Maximum Age: 50+ are generally not accepted for this jump
Maximum Weight: Varies at centres, generally – 12-15 stone

A reasonable, but not high degree of fitness and agility is required for solo skydiving. All students must be within their recommended Body Mass Index (height in proportion to weight)

On the day of the jump ALL skydivers will be required to complete the British Parachute Association Student Parachutist Declaration of Fitness.

You will be required to complete the British Parachute Association Student Parachutist Declaration of Fitness.

If you are over 40, or have a medical condition that may affect your ability to freefall or parachute safely, you will require a doctor’s certificate to be completed in advance.

If you are disabled this does not mean you cannot skydive. Contact us for more details.

Duration of the course can vary due to weather and your own circumstances. It is possible to complete the AFF Course in five – seven days.

What to Wear / Equipment
The course fee includes P6 membership to the British Parachute Association, third party insurance, all instruction, hire of parachutes, helmets, radios, altimeters, overalls, your aircraft ride and your jumps, excluding re-jumps. If it’s a cold day wrap up warm but not too bulky as you will wear the jumpsuit over your clothes. On a hot day a t-shirt and trousers/shorts are ample. Trainers are recommended; do not wear any open shoes such as sandals.
Goggles fit comfortably over your glasses, and contact lenses are no problem. If you are disabled this does not mean you cannot skydive.

Group Size / Spectators
Spectators are welcome to watch your jumps and facilities such as refreshments & toilets will be available at the centre.

Skydiving is weather dependent, however the first day will go ahead as planned as it is classroom based. Please call the centre before you leave on the morning of your jump to check weather conditions are suitable.

The AFF Course is available all year round but is weather dependent.

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