Tandem Skydive
What is it ?
Static Line
What is it ?
AFF Course
What is it ?
A Tandem Skydive is when you are harnessed to a professional instructor and is the easiest introduction, read more about Tandem Skydiving…   Static Line is a solo jump where a line is attached to the aircraft which automatically pulls the cord that opens the canopy. Read more about static line…   AFF stands for Accellerated Free Fall and is for those who want to take Skydiving to a more professional level. Read more about the AFF courses…

Skydiving London seeks out the best deals available for tandem skydiving, static line parachute jump and AFF courses both around London and the rest of the UK. There are many skydiving vouchers available from different experience companies and most of them differ in price for exactly the same skydive, we show you where to get the best deal, even at the same location.

Skydiving is the ultimate adrenaline gift experience, nothing compares to the sheer excitement of leaning out of the aircraft doorway in the anticipation that any minute now you will jump and free fall at speeds of 120 mph before your canopy opens and you glide in to the landing zone…it’s just totally unreal!

Whether you are looking for an unusual gift for an adrenaline junkie of you would love to experience skydiving yourself we have an experience to suit you and with over 22 locations there is sure to be a centre near you.

There are 3 different methods of skydiving to suit everyone from total beginners with absolutely no experience to qualified skydivers, these are Tandem, Static Line Parachute Jump, and the Accelerated free fall course.

The Tandem Skydiving experience is where you are safely harnessed to a professional instructor who controls the whole operation so no formal training is necessary, although you will have a 30 minute safety briefing before your jump, you can read more about Tandem Skydiving here.

Static Line parachute jump is where you will jump with a group of others at timed intervals, there is a line attached from the plane to your parachute which when you jump automatically opens the canopy.

The AFF level courses are for those who want to take skydiving that little bit further, maybe you would like to become an instructor or just be qualified to skydive anywhere on the planet, the worlds your oyster!